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The ISTAR Group

Stratospheric Research and Development Testing Examples

Solar / Fuel Cell technology
Component testing in insitu environment
Cosmic and Gamma ray
Material testing
Sounding rockets

Cost Effective stratospheric testing

Launch and Recovery operations
Telemetry systems
Complete program management
Facilitates academic research
Scientific research support

What's New

Zero 2 Infinity - December 2014 ISTAR contracted to consult on the continued development of this Spanish group’s stratospheric balloon program.

Zero 2 Infinity - August 2014 ISTAR contracted to lead the launch of at 35k m³ balloon for a test platform.

ISTAR - May 2014 ISTAR and teaming group wins NASA/JPL SBIR contract Phase I development on the planetary altitude cycling balloon system for future balloon deployment into the atmosphere of Venus.

University of Rome LS - December 2013 ISTAR contracted to launch a test platform for the PILOT communication system.

Kyle Peterzén inflating - PILOT test flight Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Ready to release - PILOT test launch Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Simple small/light weight payload “launch vehicle” - PILOT test launch

Passive release - smooth and simple - PILOT test Longyearbyen, Svalbard

University of Rome LS - December 2013 ISTAR contracted to launch the OLIMPO experiment.

Zero 2 Infinity - October 2013 ISTAR contracted to consult on the development of a new stratospheric balloon program in Spain.

University of Rome LS - August 2013 ISTAR contracted to perform balloon launch operations for the LSPE telemetry systems.

ATA - December 2013 ISTAR teamed with ATA to bid on NASA contracts.

USRA - April 2012 ISTAR contracted by USRA as a consultant to assist with the bidding on NASA contracts.

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