Owner, Steven Peterzen

Sometimes it is just for fun!

From racing in events like the Cascade Gran Fondo to sea kayaking expeditions and mountain biking rides, Steven has used his outdoor adventures as a lifestyle.

"I try to keep in good physical condition by cycling, skiing, paddling and hiking which I feel is beneficial especially during payload recovery operations when some impact locations require long hikes or ski and setting up field camps".

For nearly 4 years we lived aboard and cruised our sailboat "Totem" which also honed our skills in weather observations, rigging applications, mechanical and electrical troubleshooting, and the overall maintenance. These skills parallel the efforts needed when managing field operations in ballooning.

Sea Kayaking photo taken north of Pond Inlet, Baffin Island during the recovery operations of a payload launched from Svalbard. Ocean paddling incorporates many of the skills used in sailing and backcountry travel.  Steven has been a paddling enthusiast since a child when first attending canoe and sailing camps. His paddling resume includes extended trips of Prince Williams Sound, Greenland, the Mediterranean, Svalbard, various rivers and coasts of the USA as well as a 27 day paddle along the Sea of Cortez, Baja for his honeymoon.  My wife Francie and I have been together for 43 years so perhaps paddling keeps relationships strong.